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3LTC Triple Lance Tube Cleaner

Brand : Flowwaterjetting

Product origin : WUXI CHINA

Delivery time : 15-20 days

Supply capacity : 80Sets

3XLTC Flexframe

• A light weight and safe set up that will allow for cleaning

bundles at difficult to reach locations with ease. The Flex

Frame set up is very portable which is easily mounted on the

flange of the bundles.

• Here too the clamp plate will allow for different models of

machines making it extremely versitle.

• The same remote can be used for all movements of the Flex

Frame and 3XLTC.


Triple Lance Tube Cleaner

Portable, affordable, safe and easy to assemble are just some of the main characteristics of the new tube cleaning equipment: The PEINEMANN Triple Lance Tube Cleaner.

Made from high quality materials we managed to manufacture equipment that will have improved cleaning capabilities at a relatively small investment.

The added benefit is that the whole structure is portable, modular, easy do dismantle and it can be used in conjunction with a medium size High Pressure pump. The remote control will increase safety as the operator will be operating the tube cleaning equipment from a safe working distance.


3XLTC with Flexframe on fin fan coolers

• Due to the limited space available at airfin banks it was

essential to limit the overall length of the machine.

• By using only the outer two hoses of the possible three you

create an ideal pitch for fin fan banks.




The Triple Lance Cleaners are controlled via remote control keeping the operator away from the danger. Hose catchers that are

fitted to the equipment preventing the hose from coming out of the machine. At the other end of the flex hose you can fit a

stopper which limits the length of hose to be fed down the tubes.

3XLTC on standard XY-frame

• Is a standard set up consisting of a light weight but yet a

strong indexing frame to which the 3XLTC is mounted.

• Operated by air via a simple remote control and weighing no

more than 175 kg combined.

• Easy to set up on the cleaning bay and working with three flex

hoses at a time.




The Peinemann Triple Lance Cleaners have the capabilities of cleaning both vertical and horizontal bundles at difficult to reach

locations in combination with a medium size HP pump. The whole construction is still portable and can be positioned at difficult

to reach areas. Various sizes of flex lances can be used with the same standard track.


3XLTC Flexframe in vertical position

• The standard 3XLTC Flexframe can easily be positioned in a

vertical position using an additional mounting bracket with

box rail and a non driven cart (H-Frame set up). This H-frame

set up does not require scaffolding.

• The same remote can be used for left and right movements as

well as in and out movements of the flex hoses.



Thanks to the power of the equipment the nozzle configuration can become more efficient and attack the contamination better.

In short: “The available water is being used for cleaning”.


3XLTC in vertical postion with side rollers

• Ideally suitable for vertical bundles with large diameter tubes

such as evaporators using side rollers for easy positioning on

scaffold pipes.

• Large diameter hoses can also be used with the standard set

of tracks.




The 3 XLTC is deliberately equipped with 4 identical air motors which are proven in the field. The track of the 3 XLTC is deliberately

designed to suit a multitude of hose types without having to change them.

Suitable hose sizes: (OD) 6 mm - 15 mm (.236” - .590”)

Type of hose possibilities: 4/2, 5/2, 6/2, 8/2, 8/4




Be it a standard 3XLTC with indexing frame or a vertical set up, nearly every configuration is possible with our latest 3XLTC range

of products. The 3XLTC with the numerous possible configuartions give tremendous flexibility at often difficult to reach locations.

A single investment gives you multiple cleaning solutions. A modular system will benefit from a short set up time.


Triple Lance Tube Cleaner

Technical specifications (approx)

Hose Size (OD)

6~15mm  (.236” - .590”)

Type of hose possibility

4/2, 5/2, 6/2, 8/2, 8/4

Maximum OD hose coupling

20 mm (,787”)

Maximum capacity

0,74 KW (1 PK)

Minimum air pressure

3,0 Bar (45 Psi)

Maximum air pressure

6,3 Bar (95 Psi)

Air consumption

360 l/min. at max RPM (6.3 CFM)

Cleaning Speed (approx)

0.45 m-0,7 m/sec (18” - 30” per second)

Adjustable with the air pressure

Recommended flow

114 ltr (30 gallon) per min.

(3 x 38 ltr./3 x 10 gallon)

Recommended pressure

1400 Bar(20,000 Psi)

Maximum pressure

Suitable to work with

pressures up to 2800 Bar (40,611 Psi)

Max. pull/push strength (approx)

150 Newton

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