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High Pressure Water Blasting Machine

Brand : Flowwaterjetting

Product origin : WUXI

Delivery time : 15-20days

Supply capacity : 80PCS

High Pressure Water Blasting Machine

Product Description: 

Water Blasting Machine performs abrasive water discharge operation and has a powerful blasting effect. The advantages of hydro blasting machine are reduction of plant downtime, labour saving, plant protection, water conservation, and no need of chemicals.

Product Description:

Pressure Range:700-1400bar

Flow Range: 26-300LPM

Engine Power/Speed/Cooling System: 240Kw / 1500Rpm / Water

Power-on-time: 24 Hours

Pump Warranty: 3 Years 


Machine Feature: 

Cummins Or Weichai(Deutz) Diesel Engine

Pump Protection and Control System

Direct Connected Flexible Coupling

Coupling Protecting Cover

Diesel Fuel Tank 

Pressure Gauge 

High Pressure Regulating Valve

Safety Valve with Rupture Disc 

Suction Water Supply Tank

Stainless Steel Filter Unit 

Boost Pump And Piping System

Plunger Cooling Water Manifold 

Power-End Lube Oil Cooler       

Fabricated Steel Skid

Machine Optional Features: 

Double Shaft Frame Trailer 

Machine Protecting Covered Container 

Open Type Hoisting Frame With 4 Lifting Holes at top

Optional Water Jetting Tools:

Dump Type Water Jetting Gun

Foot Control Valve

Rotating Nozzles


Hydro demolition production rate

Investment casting cleaning

Chloride removal from concrete

Asbestos removal

Corrosion removal from pilings

Marine surface prep

Preparation for highway overlay

Paint removal from ships

Water jet cutting

Concrete surface preparation

Surface preparation

Tank cleaning

Heat exchanger tube cleaning pipe cleaning


Vessel cleaning


Oil field cleaning applications

Sewer cleaning

Ship hull cleaning

Recommended FJ13200 series High Pressure Water Blasting Machine 


Please Find More Parameter at Parameter Table

FJ3700 Series



FJ13200 Series


FJ30000 Series


FJ45000 Series


FJ60000 Series


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