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Quintuplex Plunger Pump

Brand : Flowwaterjetting

Product origin : WUXI

Delivery time : 15-20days

Supply capacity : 80PCS

Quintuplex Plunger Pump

FJ45000 & FJ60000 series


*Pressure range: 100-3000bar 

*Flow range:70-1800LPM

*Max input power: 800Kw

*Dimension/Weight: 1200* 650*1500mm / Approx. 2800Kg

*Vertical cylinder design 

*Wide variety of complementary ancillaries

Quality and reliability

² Stainless steel pump head free of alternating stress

² Spring preloaded high pressure sealing make it longer life

² Solid ceramic plunger to ensure high strength and stable operation

² An integrated lubricating oil and piston cooling system to improve the service life.

² Built-in double gear reducer to make transmission balance higher efficiency

² Special design of the crankcase magnetic filter

² Crankcase forced lubrication system

² An integrated ball type liquid inlet valve design, greatly improving the efficiency of fluid mechanics.

² Computational fluid mechanics design in dynamic load to ensure the highest reliability under max duty working conditions.

² The crankshaft is made of a high strength forging process and is specially treated

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Please Find More Parameter at Parameter Table

FJ3700 Series



FJ13200 Series


FJ30000 Series


FJ45000 Series


FJ60000 Series


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