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Self Rotating Water Blasting Nozzle

Brand : Flowwaterjetting

Product origin : WUXI CHINA

Delivery time : 15-20 days

Supply capacity : 80Sets

Technological advantage:

1. Inlet with diversion nozzle, blow effect increases by 30%,

   the aperture can be replaced

2. Suitable for all kinds of surface water blasting and water jet cleaning

3. Speed adjustable after preheating, the speed range (700-2000/rpm)

4. No Water Leakage jet rotary seal, up to 100% jet effect

5. Injection of low vibration, low noise, no air external power

6. nozzle protection plate can be replaced, the nozzle head will not damage

7. easy to maintain, seal replace time is only 3 minutes

9. can obtain the surface quality of Sa2.0 Sa2.5 in coating pretreatment

370-201710281332063516.png 370-201710281332141445.png


1. Remove coating from big pipe line

2. Concrete surface blasting

3. grille cleaning in auto factory

4. chemical plant tanks surface descaling 

5. steel structure water blasting, paint removal, rust removal

6. Ship hull rust and paint remove


Surface Water Jetting Application


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