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Water Jet Pump

Brand : Flowwaterjetting

Product origin : WUXI

Delivery time : 15-20days

Supply capacity : 80PCS

High Pressure Water Jet Pump Description:

Water jet pump is widely used to clean clogged, slow sewage or any other pipe line. A blast of high-pressure water is sent into the line to remove sludge, emulsify Grease, and to blow out stones or any other materials that would make any pipeline or drain blockages. 


Water Jet Pump Picture:

36Kpsi 25L pump.jpg

Applications :

Investment casting cleaning

Corrosion removal from pilings

Pool refurbishing

Marine surface prep

Paint removal

Concrete surface preparation

Tank cleaning


Heat exchanger tube cleaning

pipe cleaning 

Ship hull cleaning

Vessel cleaning

Sewer jetting

Types Of Systems:

Stationary unit with electric motor

Mobile unit with diesel engine

Stationary unit with diesel engine

Road going trailer with electric motor

Mobile unit with electric motor

Accessories :

Pressure regulating valve 

Safety valve pressure gauge

Straight Jet, Fan Jet and Rotating Nozzle 

Unloader cum pressure regulator

Electric control panel with auto cut-off system 

Rotopower turbo nozzle

Sewer jetting nozzle 

Tube – pipe cleaning nozzle

Please Find More Parameter at Parameter Table

FJ3700 Series



FJ13200 Series


FJ30000 Series


FJ45000 Series


FJ60000 Series


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